2017 Equipment Scheme




25 Ballingarrane,




(052) 6121431


A Chara,

Please note the following:

1.      Attached below under this information is an order form for 2017.

2.      Helmets, Mycro or Marc, will be distributed by courier service on receipt of signed order form and appropriate cheque.

3.      All other items of equipment, ordered and paid for, must be collected in ScoilAilbhe Primary School, Thurles, between 5.00pm and 8.00pm on Friday, 24th March, 2017.

4.      Mycro helmets available in single colour, two tone combination or faded. Please state clour preference on order sheet. (Use separate sheet if necessary)

5.      Marc helmets available in single colour only. (yellow, blue, green, black, red, white) Please state colour preference on order sheet. (use separate sheet if necessary)

6.      Please give me your home phone number on the order sheet as contacting schools, when necessary, can be quite difficult.

7.      You can contact me any time at the above address or phone number. Please do not hesitate to do so should you require further information.

8.      Hurleys are available at the above address at all times. Please feel free to purchase hurleys at any time, even before the equipment distribution night on Friday, 24th March, 2017. Please ring before calling.

9.      All order forms must be signed by school principal. Order forms not signed by the school principal will be returned.

10.  Please bring a copy of your order sheet/sheets with you on the equipment night.

11.  Please make sure that any equipment ordered and paid for is collected on the equipment distribution night. Failure to collect equipment causes severe problems.

12.  Please return your order forms on or before Monday, 13th March, 2017.


Mise le Meas,


Jerry Mc Donnell,

Treasurer/Equipment Officer

P.S – Please send on your € 30.00 annual registration fee for 2015 with your order. To participate in playing activities and/or the equipment scheme the € 30.00 registration must be paid. Please give a separate € 30.00cheque for registration.


P.S – Please note that, left and right hand Mycro hurling gloves, can be ordered in small or medium size.


Synethetichurleys - (not for order on sheet – please ring above number with order)

The increasingly popular Cultec, synthetic hurleys are available for purchase this year. However supplies are limited to 300. There is a large € 8.00 subsidy on each hurley. 28" cultic hurleys cost € 13.00. 30" Cultechurleys cost € 17.00. Each school may purchase a maximum of 10 Cultechurleys. These will be available to personal callers only, on the equipment night, 24th, March 2017. Please ring 0526121431, with your order as soon as possible. These will be sold on a first ordered,first served basis, while supplies last.


Sold only in dozens

Where this is stated on the order sheet, items of equipment cannot be purchased singly.


Fundamental Movement Skills Programme and Equipment

Explanatory notes enclosed. These packs will be available to personal callers only on the equipment night, 24th March, 2017. Please ring 0526121431 with your order as soon as possible. These packs will be sold on a first order, first served basis, while supplies last.

Birt Noe,
19 Jan 2017, 01:18