Football Fixtures & Info 2012

A chara,
Please find attached the Cumann na mBunscol Under 13 Football and Ladies Football fixtures for 2012.
The Under 11 Go Games Football and Ladies Football fixtures will be emailed to all schools next week. The Go Games Blitzes will take place in early October.
Please take note of the following:
1. Remember that in football the Cumann na mBunscol rules state that only two plays of the ball is allowed. One hop and one solo, or two solos. The ball must be delivered after two plays of the ball.
2. Girls playing on boys teams must pick the ball up with the foot and are not allowed pick the ball straight off the ground in a boys match. Normal ladies football rules, re. pick ups, apply in girls matches.
3. For each match each school pays the referee 15 euros and the caretaker of the pitch 10 euros.
In a blitz the school pays 15 to the referee and 10 to the caretaker. That money is to be given to the Co-ordinator of the blitz before the games begin.
4. The Co-ordinator of Blitzes must; book the pitch, book the referees, set a time for the blitz, ring each school involved and let them know the time, confirm the date with each school, and confirm the participation of each school. At the end of the blitz the Co-ordinator must text me on 0876578057 with the winners of the Blitz.
5. Please note that if schools fail to play a game, within the time frame set out in the fixtures, that school, or schools, will forfeit that particular match. If both schools fail to arrange, set up and play the match neither school will get the points for the game. THE GAMES THIS YEAR MUST BE PLAYED ON TIME AT ALL TIMES. COUNTY FINALS ARE SET FOR WEDNESDAY 24TH OCTOBER AND THERE WILL BE NO DEVIATION FROM THE PLAN TO HAVE ALL FINALS PLAYED BY THE HALLOWEEN BREAK. I assure you that Tipperary Cumann na mBunscol will be very strict on matches being played ON TIME this year. Please co-operate fully with us and there will be no problems.
6. I would ask that the teacher from the winning school would text me the final score from each match played this year. This will help me with my records and will help when it comes to regrading etc next year. We will be able to see which schools are struggling in a certain division and will make our job easier when it comes to regrading. Also it keeps me informed about how divisions are going. That is why I haven't assigned Division Co-ordinators this year. I would greatly appreciate your co-operation on this issue.
7. The First named school in a fixture that is written in the League format of the Boys Competitions and the Girls Roinn A Division MUST make the initial contact. It doesn't necessarily mean that the first named team has home advantage as schools have home and away arrangements etc.
8. I will be sending all correspondence by email from now on, except the equipment information in January. That will be sent in letter format. All information will also be on our website Please check the website regularly. Also the weekly email update from John Manley will be in the local newspapers. THEREFORE IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT IF YOU STILL ARE NOT ON OUR EMAILING LIST PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL TO OUR PRO JOHN MANLEY AT AND GIVE HIM YOUR SCHOOL EMAIL ADDRESS. It might be an idea to give John your personal email address if there are problems with emails going to the school address.
I would like to wish all schools the very best of luck for the coming school year in Cumann na mBunscol activities, and all other school activities.
If you wish to contact me you can do so anytime after 3 o'clock on 087-6578057. My email address is Please do not ring me during class time. If it is urgent ring my school on 052-61-35400 and leave a message with our school secretary Katriona. I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Kind regards,
Aodan Wrenn.
Tipperary Allianz Cumann na mBunscol.
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