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History of Handball:

Handball is one of the oldest games played with a ball. It dates back to the Tailteann Games which were held in Teltown Co.Meath when Luighaidh Lamhfadha was high king of Ireland some 1800 years before the Christian era. From these games handball was taken back by the French , the Spaniards and the Greeks and it was so popular with the latter that it was played by them at the first Olympic held by them some 500 years after the first Tailteann Games.

Though many accounts of handball were written down the years the earliest known depiction of the game in Ireland is a painting “Castle Blaney”painted by John Nixon in 1785 and is held in the Monaghan Museum.

Every Village in Ireland had a court or makeshift court and “the gatherings “ as they were known would take place especially on a Sunday afternoon.Stakes were played for , side bets taken and games could go on for hours until the final shout “game ball”signalled the final ace and end.