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Under 11 Hurling / Camogie 2012 Go Games Model

Under 11 Hurling / Camogie 2012.


In 2012 each school, which chooses to enter the Under 11 Competition, will be graded according to the size of the school, past history of success, tradition and the strength of that particular game in that area of the county.

When the school has been graded, blitzes will be set up within each grade.

The groups for the blitzes will be made out so that teams will be geographically grouped together, to cut down on travel.


They can have a second team (reserve team) if their numbers allow.

If their first team is in Roinn A, then the second team will be in Roinn A1.

If their first team is in Roinn B, their second team will be in Roinn B1. And so on.

Roinn A1, B1, C1 and D1 will consist of ONLY school’s reserve teams / 2nd teams.



  • Matches will be ten minutes a half.
  • There will be only ONE catch of the sliothar permitted.
  • Once you catch the ball you MUST strike it.
  • There is NO soloing of the ball allowed.

This will improve striking skills from the hand, ground and overhead.

It will also make the games even more exciting, as the sliothar will be moving quickly around the pitch.

  • There will be reduced numbers on the Under 11 teams.

NB…EACH Substitute must play at least half of each game.

If schools don’t play all their subs, in all their games, they will be eliminated from the competition.



Roinn A: 11 a side (Max  Panel of 22).      Roinn A1: 11 a side (Max Panel of 22).

Roinn B:   9 a side (Max Panel of 18).       Roinn B1:  9 a side  (Max Panel of 18).

Roinn C:   8 a side (Max Panel of 16).       Roinn C1:  8 a side (Max Panel of 16).

Roinn D:   7 a side (Max Panel of 14).       Roinn D1: 7 a side   (Max Panel of 14).



Roinn A: 10 a side (Max Panel of 20).       Roinn A1:  10 a side (Max Panel of 20).

Roinn B:   8 a side (Max Panel of 16).       Roinn B1:    8 a side (Max Panel of 16).

Roinn C:   7 a side (Max Panel of 14).       Roinn C1:    7 a side (Max Panel of 14).


There will be Blitzes throughout the County on a specific date.

Venues and dates will be chosen by Cumann na mBunscol. Only venues with access to 4 sets of Juvenile Goal Posts will be chosen.

The pitch will be split in two. On one half of the pitch the Blitz for Roinn A or Roinn B or Roinn C or Roinn D will be played. SIMULTANEOUSLY on the other half of the pitch the Blitz for Roinn A1 or Roinn B1 or Roinn C1 or Roinn D1 will be played. Therefore if a school enters two teams, both teams will play at the same time, at the same venue, on the same day.

There will be two co-ordinators at the venue to ensure both Blitzes run off smoothly.


Our GDA’s will be helping us out, as well, at the Blitzes. They will be helping ensure all substitutes have played in each game.


Scores will be kept in each game.

The top 2 teams in each Blitz will move on to the next round of blitzes.

The competition will be whittled down to the last 2 teams left standing.

 Those 2 teams will go to Semple Stadium, on Cumann na mBunscol County Final day. They will compete in the “Go-Games Festival of Hurling County Final” in their respective divisions.


At Semple Stadium the pitch will, once again, be divided in 2.

On one half will be the Roinn A Festival. Simultaneously the other side will hold the Roinn A1 Festival.

The same arrangement will be in place when the Roinn B and Roinn B1 Festivals are timetabled. Same again for C, C1 and D, D1 and Roinn E.


The winning school will get a trophy, and winners medals.  The beaten finalists will get runners-up medals.

All matches in the Stadium will be ten minutes a half.

The Go Games rules, outlined earlier, will be in place.

On the sideline all mentors, coaches and teachers involved with the team will wear the Respect Bib, as part of the Respect Initiative. The aim is to reduce the “pressure” put on very young players, from mentors on the line.

Once again the GDA’s will be helping us by providing the bibs, and ensuring all subs have played in each game.

We would encourage all schools to enter 2 teams, if numbers allow.


NB…Our aims are:

(1) to significantly increase the number of schools who get to play in Semple Stadium, on County Final day.

(2) To greatly increase the amount of children who get to live out their dream, and play in Semple Stadium, the Cathedral of Hurling.

(3) To greatly increase the amount of children who get meaningful game time, playing gaelic games (Entering 2 teams would do this).


Every effort will be made to help out on Blitz Days, and County Final day.

There will be GDA’s, Club Coaches, School Coaches and Teachers to help.

All outside helpers would have been subject to Garda Vetting.


We, in Cumann na mBunscol, will do everything humanly possible to ensure this Under 11 initiative will be successful.


           Aodan Wrenn (Secretary Tipperary Allianz Cumann na mBunscol).


087-6578057 (mobile).       0526135400 (school).       0526135400 (FAX).

aodanwrenn@campus.ie .