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2012 Hurling Final Arrangements & Team Submissions

posted 31 May 2012, 12:43 by Unknown user

A chairde,

It is very important that all schools adhere to certain formatting criteria when submitting teamlists for this year's Finals. It makes life much easier for myself, Sports Editors and the people on The Tipperary Yearbook committee if all teams are typed using the same format. We have a huge volume of teams involved this year; 52 Teams in total. All the teams are printed in the Tipp Yearbook and also appear in the Tipperary Newspapers' special Co. Final Supplement/Spread. Please use the following criteria when sending in teams:

  • Capital Letters for surname and christian name.
  • Number each player (They must wear this number on the day)
  • Name of School & competition precedes teamlist e.g. Kerry CBS Under 13 Roinn G Hurling Team: 1. Tom Ryan, 2. Joe Ryan, 3. Liam King, 4. Mike Flynn, etc.
  • The format should be just like above i.e. Name of School Team and Competition followed by semi colon and a space. Then it's number, full stop, player's name, comma and a space. Just like above: e.g. Kerry CBS Under 13 Roinn G Hurling Team: 1. Tom Ryan, 2. Joe Ryan, 3. Liam King, 4. Mike Flynn, etc.
  • No brackets are necessary after numbers.
  • Font should be Verdana Style and size 10.
  • Please list school principal and teachers/coaches after your panel e.g. 17. Tom Ryan, 18. Mike Quinn, 19. Liam Dunne. Principal: Joe Doyle. Coaches Liam Egan & Mary Jones.




Please put name of school team in subject bar of email e.g. Kerry CBS Under 13 Roinn G Hurling Team



Please get your teamlists in to me ASAP. All teamlists should be emailed to me by Monday, 4th June at 1pm.


There are 26 finals this year with 52 different teamlists. We want all the children's names to appear properly in reports for newspapers, website & Yearbook. Your cooperation with this is appreciated.


For those of you appearing in the finals for the first time in a while, the following are some of the things to remember.
  • A member of Cumann na mBunscol or Semple Stadium Committee will greet you when you arrive. They will tell you what dressing room you are in.
  • Generally, teams run out the tunnel and go down to the right to the town end to have their team photo taken (All photos appear on Website soon after the final).
  • At the end of the game, a teacher should select a Player of the Match from their team. This player has his/her photo taken with Player of the Match from opposing Team and each player does a short interview which appears in the paper in the form of a Player Profile. Try and send the player over to the Cumann na mBunscol Officers at pitchside once the match finishes. This will ensure that the photo/interview finish quickly, thereby allowing the player to rejoin his/her team-mates without too much delay!
Sincere thanks to all schools for your cooperation throughout the year. I wish you all the very best of luck.


Le meas,