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We are asking any pupils who attended the weekend’s National League match between Tipperary and Galway to submit match reports to Tipperary Cumann na mBunscol PRO John Manley of Dualla NS at The match report should be emailed by School Secretary, Class Teacher or Principal. The title should be in capital letters. The report should be typed in size 9 Verdana style font and should contain no spaces. The winning entries will appear in the Match Programme for Tipperary’s next National Hurling League game in Semple Stadium. We look forward to reading your reports.




Aodan Wrenn recently posted the Equipment Scheme Information Letters and order forms to all schools. If teachers wish to know more about specific coaching aids or equipment, please visit The Equipment Order Forms should be returned to Jerry McDonnell, 25 Ballingarrane, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary by February 24th at the very latest. Our Equipment Collection Evening will take place in Scoil Ailbhe, Thurles on Monday 12th March between 5.00p.m. and 8.00p.m. Jerry McDonnell will continue to take orders until 26th March from any schools that have not been able to get their order in on time. Schools can continue to order hurleys, helmets and sliotars from Jerry throughout the school year. Please note that only registered schools can receive equipment.




Well done to this week’s Tipperary Allianz Cumann na mBunscol Reporters of the Week Cormac O’ Connor and Jack Dwan Holycross N.S. Comhghairdeas.



My favourite G.A.A memory has to be Tipperary winning the All Ireland Final. As I waited for the ball to be thrown –in we were each with our own thoughts busy in our heads. The ball is in. The players dashed for the ball. Without a doubt the atmosphere was electric in Croke Park. My eyes were riveted on the players. I watch and was spellbound by the performance of Lar Corbett. Croke Park was a riot of colour on All Ireland Final Day. “What a point”, roared the commentator. Eoin Kelly is an absolute God of hurling. Lar Corbett scored a fantastic goal! YES! This is my favourite G.A.A memory because of the tension of the game.  And how the players passed the ball. What could’ve compared to the sheer magic of Croke Park.  A smile spread over my face as Lar Corbett scores a goal. The tension grew bigger and bigger as Richie Power scored a goal for the cats.  I was in the depths of despair. My face lit up in eager excitement as Lar Corbett scores another wonderful goal. Hat-trick! Well deserved. Not long after the ref blew the whistle and all the subs and managers dashed on to the pitch.  After all the celebrations Eoin Kelly rose the cup and Liam McCarthy was home. Hurling is far more than a game. It is almost a way of life. It is all engrossing, physical, mental and indeed cultural sport. (Jack Lynch).



Without a doubt my most favourite hurling memory is winning the Under 13 County Final last year. There was a great big hullabaloo and commotion on the day. My eyes were riveted on the Scoil Ailbhe team. Semple Stadium was a riot of colour on County Final day. I was totally petrified frozen to the spot hardly daring to breathe as I bounded out onto the field. Although we were frightened we didn’t show it. A hundred years seemed to pass as I watched the referee flip the coin. An 'oh' disappointment went up from all of Scoil Ailbhe. “Holycross get the wind” shouted the referee. As soon as the referee threw in the ball Jimmy Ryan and Ewan Burke let fly. The ball went straight between Jerry Kelly and Michael Purcell. Jerry won and legged it towards the goals. Jerry buried the ball as hard as he could and screamed “come on the cross”. We were winning by five points to nil. But then Scoil Ailbhe came back. They almost got a goal but our goalie Cormac saved it. Michael Purcell simply fumed to the sixty five to take the sixty five. Michael scored a point and Scoil Ailbhe were back in the game. Soon after that Scoil Ailbhe got a goal. The crowd couldn’t believe their eyes. Holycross gasped and Scoil Ailbhe cheered jumping up and down in delight and admiration. We were determined to be sensible about the situation heading into half time. In the second half Darragh Woods was on fire, scoring five points. We were determined to succeed. Everyone was thoroughly satisfied about the match. Then out of nowhere Scoil Ailbhe scored a goal. I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw throngs of people jumping. Hurrah! But wait the referee shouted “square ball!”. I felt deliciously happy in fact I felt exuberant, exhilarated, excited beyond words. HIP!HIP!HURRAH!! I was feeling on top of the moon! Immediately the crowd surged forward when the final whistle went. Holycross won! It was an exciting and fantastic adventure . Scoil Ailbhe’s anticipation at winning the match ebbed to a sinking disappointment when the referee shouted “square ball”. My face lit up in eager excitement. I bounded up the steps to hear Jerry Kelly’s speech. Almost exhausted back and legs aching I tumbled into the car to go home. After that match I’m always very optimistic when I’m playing hurling.




Name: Paul O Neill.

School: Ayle N.S..

Favourite Player: Eoin Kelly.

Favourite G.A.A. Moment: I like to go to matches with my Dad.   

Favourite Movie: Fantastic Four.


Name: Patrick Barry.

School: Ayle N.S..

Favourite player: Michael Cahill.

Favourite GAA moment: Winning the Cumann na mBunscol Under 13 final with our school.

Favourite movie: War Horse.


Name: Ciaran Doody.

School: Ayle N.S..

Favourite player: Henry Shefflin.

Favourite G.A.A. moment: When I was presented with a medal at half time during the Kilkenny and Tipperary league match.

Favourite Movie: Mission Impossible.



We are approaching GAA Championship season again (thank God!) and the Primary Game selection process will be starting again, very soon. This year the schools are being asked to co-operate fully with us. We are asking each school to send one child, and one child ONLY, to Primary Game Selection Days. That is the rules of the Primary Game, and we will be adhering very strictly to that rule, this year. THIS YEAR IF A SCHOOL SENDS MORE THAN ONE PLAYER, BOTH PLAYERS WILL BE IMMEDIATELY DISQUALIFIED FROM THE SELECTION PROCESS. We will be extremely firm on this issue, this season. It doesn’t always necessarily have to be the best player. It should be the child who deserves it most. There are many ways a school can choose their player: a school skills day, drawing from a hat, sending who you think has the best chance of making the final 11, sending the player who has shown the most improvement  etc.. The only exception will be Camogie. In this sport schools may send 2 players if they wish. Remember all Primary Game players must be in 6th class. A player may only be sent once, to one sport only. Example: A boy can’t be sent to football and hurling. Just He may only attend a trial in one code or the other. Same for camogie and ladies football. NB..  The Primary Game Selection days are as follows:


North Division Players: Thursday 15th March, at 4.15, in Cloughjordan.

Mid Division Players: Friday 16th March, at 4.15, in the Ragg.

West Division Players: Thursday 22nd March, at 4.15, in Golden.

South Division Players: Friday 23rd March at 4.30pm, in Moyle Rovers.

                          1 player per school.


ALL DIVISIONS: Wednesday 18th APRIL, at 4.15, in Dr. Morris Park (Thurles).

                          Schools may send 2 girls if they wish.


Mid Division Players: Monday 12th March, at 4.15, in Durlas Óg (Thurles).

South Division Players: Wednesday 14th March, at 4.15, in Ardfinnan.

West Division Players: Tuesday 20th March, at 4.15, in Golden.

North Division Players; Wednesday 21st March, at 4.15, in Borrisoleigh.

                                    1 player per school.


North and Mid Division Players: Tuesday 13th March, in Durlas Óg (Thurles), at 4.15.

South and West Division Players: Wednesday 14th March, in Golden, at 4.15.

                                 1 player per school.




The Annual Registration Fee of €30 is now due. Please forward a cheque to Jerry McDonnell, 25 Ballingarrane, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary. Any schools who fail to pay this fee are playing as unregistered schools and therefore should not be participating in Cumann na mBunscol Activities.



For any schools/teachers wishing to access Tipperary Cumann na mBunscol news and updates via Twitter, the Tipperary Cumann na mBunscol Twitter username is @TippCumanNamBun. The following link will enable you to follow us:!/TippCumanNamBun. We would encourage as many teachers and schools as possible to follow us as this will enable you to access information as soon as it becomes available. We thank all the teachers who have become followers of Tipperary Cumann na mBunscol on Twitter. We have got a good reaction from teachers and schools in recent weeks.  Our “follower base” is definitely rising! Míle buíochas.




For match reports, fixtures and school GAA news and events, please email Tipperary Cumann na mBunscol PRO John Manley of Dualla NS at Website: Ní neart go cur le chéile.