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DIARMUID MAHER TWO MILE BORRIS NS and Kellie Quirke, Oisín Fryday, Edel Kearney and Tommy Ryan of Ballagh NS. Comhghairdeas.



On Friday, the 7th of October we were playing Moycarkey in our first football match. We were playing in Littleton. Hugh Coughlan threw up the ball and Daniel Ryan got the ball and kicked the ball to James Dillon and James sadly missed. Seven minutes later Daniel burst through and scored a goal. But Moycarkey answered back with a point by John Kirwan. P.J kicked the ball out quickly to Michael Maher and Michael kicked it up to Rory and Rory hand passed it to Jack Fallon and Jack kicked it into the goal. Jonathon Ely kicked it up to Killian Ryan and Killian Ryan kicked it wide. P.J kicked it up to Daniel and Daniel hand passed it to Jack and Jack kicked it to David O Donnell and David kicked it into the back of the net. The half time score was 3 goals and 2 points to Two Mile Borris and a point to Moycarkey. In the second half Moycarkey got a goal by Rhys Shelly. The game was slipping out of our hands. Moycarkey got another goal 4 minutes later. P.J kicked out the ball to Mark Heffernan and Mark hand passed to David and David stuck it over the bar. Jonathan Ely kicked out the ball to John Kirwan and John kicked it up to Killian, who got fouled. They took a quick free and got a point. P.J kicked it out to Daniel and Daniel let it into Jack and Jack passed it Darren Flood and he scored. Hugh Coughlan blew the final whistle. The full time score was 4 goals and 4 points to Two Mile Borris and 2 goals and 3 points to Moycarkey. Well done to Moycarkey but the winners were Two Mile Borris. Our team was P.J Tunstall capt, Micheal Murphy, David Ryan, Sean Mockler, Micheal Maher, Mark Heffernan, Daniel Ryan, Jack Fallon, David O Donnell, Rory Darmody, James Dillon, and Diarmuid Maher. Subs that came on Conor Cummins and Darren Flood. 

BALLAGH SHINE IN BANSHA BLITZ By Kellie Quirke, Oisín Fryday, Edel Kearney and Tommy Ryan Ballagh NS.

On Thursday the 20th of October, there was an under 11 blitz in Bansha. The first match for Ballagh was against Newcastle. The ball was thrown in at 1.15. Oisín Fryday, Ballagh’s midfielder won the ball and ran like lightning through the lush green grass, he then passed it to Ballagh’s corner forward Tommy Ryan, who in turn passed it to Jake O Donnell. Jake decided to have a pop at goal; he lobbed the Goalie from 20 yards out. Newcastle’s Goalkeeper kicked a fantastic ball down to his forwards, but unfortunately for them Ballagh’s defence of Kellie Quirke and Jack Moriarty held firm and cleared the attack. Ballagh added scores from Oisín Fryday, Jake O Donnell and Robert Doyle to make the score 1.4 to no score. The half time whistle blew and both teams walked off the pitch with determination. After 3 minutes of a break, both managers, Liam Bergin of Newcastle and Joe Carmody of Ballagh gave inspirational team talks. Both teams took on some H2O and took their positions on the pitch. The second half was just about to start. The referee threw up the ball and Newcastle’s mid-fielder Tommy caught the ball and soloed down the field but our amazing backs Kellie Quirke and Jack Moriarty blocked down the ball and cleared it down to the speedy Robert Doyle, who got a point. Newcastle kicked the ball out and Jake O’Donnell caught the ball and soloed up to the goals and put it in the back of the net. Newcastle kicked it out once again; Tommy from Newcastle got a point. Aaron Kearns, Ballagh’s goalie kicked a tremendous ball out to the speed merchant Robert Doyle and Robert scored a lovely point. The final whistle blew and Ballagh were cheering with pride. They all shook hands and walked off the field. We knew we were in for a hard match against Tankerstown. The second match was just starting between Ballagh and Tankerstown. We were all very nervous. The referee blew the whistle and the match began. Nicolas from Tankerstown won the ball and soloed up the pitch but Oisín Fryday blocked him down. Jake got the ball and he passed it to Tommy and he passed it to Robert the man with speed and he put the ball top corner. Tankerstown replied with a brilliant goal and point. Aaron Kearns kicked the ball to Robert Doyle and he passed it to Tommy Ryan and he stuck it in the back of the net. And Tankerstown kicked it out. Nicolas got the ball and put it over the bar and then they got a few scores. The half time whistle blew and the score was 2.1 to 1.5 to Tankerstown. We took on some H2O and the second half was just about to start .The referee threw up the ball. Both teams fought for it but Tankerstown got it and was immediately blocked down. When Jake O Donnell went down for the ball, he was fouled. Jake passed the ball to Robert Doyle, who got an outstanding point. Tankerstown kicked out the ball, but Jake O’Donnell caught it but he put it wide. Tankerstown kicked it out once again and Nicholas from Tankerstown got the ball and soloed the field but he drove it barely wide. Aaron Kearns, Ballagh’s goalie kicked it out with two minutes left and Jake was once again fouled. He took a free quickly and Kellie Quirke, unnoticed by Tankerstown, ran up, caught it and drove it over the bar from thirty yards out. The referee said it would be the last piece of play. Tankerstown kicked the ball out for the last time to Nicolas but Oisin Fryday blocked him down and Robert got the ball and kicked it to Tommy Ryan and he kicked it out of play. The match was finally over. The subs Edel Kearney, Matthew and Christian Cullen who played during the matches were brilliant. Our water boy Jack Ryan and manager and teacher Joe Carmody and supporters were all delighted. The final score was 2.5 to 2.4 to Ballagh were looking forward to the county final blitz on the 9th of November. It was a great day for Ballagh.



The date for County Football Finals has changed from Friday November 11th to Friday 18th November.



Any schools who are interested in having the All Ireland Minor Cup visit their schools, please contact Hugh Coghlan Football P.R.O. on 0879877355.




Our football competitions have now begun in earnest. We are encouraging all schools and any “budding journalists” to send in match reports from their upcoming games. We would love to receive reports from schools on all you do to promote Gaelic Games within your school. We would encourage all schools to get their senior pupils to submit reports for our weekly match report competition. Schools could get pupils to write about a special GAA event taking place in their school e.g. The Tipp Minor Footballers Visiting With The Cup, Medal Presentation for School Leagues, School Player of the Year Article, etc. We have had a great response to our “Reporter of the Week” Weekly Competition. We thank all the teachers and excellent young journalists who have contributed reports thus far. We look forward to hearing from you.



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