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Clarification On Some Football Queries

posted 24 Sep 2013, 00:51 by Unknown user
A chairde,
I would like to clarify a few issues that have cropped up in the past week.
1. In Allianz Cumann na mBunscol Under 13 Football and Ladies Football only 2 plays of the ball are allowed before the ball must be released. That means either one hop and one solo OR two solos. This applies to Under 13 Ladies Football, Under 13 Boys Football, Under 11 Boys Football AND Under 11 Ladies Football. This rule applies to North Tipperary Cumann na mBunscol AND County Tipperary Cumann na mBunscol. All Allianz Cumann na mBunscol units have this rule in place and we are no different.
2. In Tipperary Allianz Cumann na mBunscol there IS a square ball. While the rule has changed elsewhere in the GAA Cumann na mBunscol is independent from this change. Tipperary Allianz Cumann na mBunscol has a square ball rule and the only way to change it is through a motion at our AGM. No motion has sought this rule to change in recent years. Therefore the rule stands. 
3. If children are kicking a ball around at lunch time in an un-organised gaelic football session ( a type of free play of gaelic football) it is up to the school to decide if they should be wearing mouthguards. This only applies to situations where children are playing gaelic football, as opposed to games of soccer children play at lunch time, amongst themselves. If they are playing gaelic football amongst themselves that is not an organised training session, or coaching session with a coach. The school must decide in this situation if they are to wear mouthguards or not. If schools require further clarification of this issue they should contact Allianz.
Aodan Wrenn.
Tipperary Allianz Cumann na mBunscol.