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posted 7 May 2013, 08:03 by Unknown user

St. Michael’s N.S,



Co. Tipperary.


A chara,


There are a few important things I’d like to point out, and remind schools, about the Go Games Blitzes.

1.       Each game in the blitz will be of 20 minute duration. There will be two halves of ten minutes each.

2.       The cut-off point for Under 11 players is the 1st of September 2012. Therefore a player must be under 11 on or before the 1st of September. Example: If a player’s 11th birthday is on the 31st of August he/she is over-age by a day.

To be under 11 players must have be born on or after the 1st of September 2001.

3.       Each player present is to play at least a half of EACH game. ALL substitutes MUST be brought on at half time. If this rule isn’t adhered to FULLY the school in question will be immediately eliminated from the Competition.

4.       There is no minimum amount of substitutes that can be brought to the Blitz. It’s up to each school to decide how many they wish to bring. But the maximum amount that can be brought is: 11 subs if Blitz is 11 a side, 10 subs if it’s 10 a side, 8 subs if it’s 8 a side, and so on.

5.       Each school is to bring 15 euro to the Blitz to pay the referee, and 10 euro to pay the caretaker.

6.       Soloing is prohibited in Go Games Hurling/Camogie. Players can tap the sliothar off their hurley and strike it, or else tap it - take four steps - then strike.

7.       There will be a square ball and, like Under 13, it will be up to the referee’s discretion.

8.       Immediately upon reading this information the Co-ordinator of a Blitz must:

A.      Book the pitch.

B.      Book the referee/referees.

C.      Ring each school involved to confirm their involvement.

D.      Confirm the time of the Blitz with each school.

E.       Ring the schools again, the day before, to double confirm their participation.

F.       Work to ensure everything runs smoothly during the Blitz.

G.     Collect the money for the referee/referees and caretaker, from each school, at the   beginning of the Blitz. Then give the money to the referee and caretaker at the end of the Blitz.

H.      Text me on 087-6578057, immediately after the Blitz has finished , with the name of the winning school and the Runners up. There is no need to text me the results and scores of each game. Just the winners and runners up will do.


Please ensure that the Blitzes are played on the Dates that I have set for them.

If there are problems with those dates the Blitz must be played on the day before or the day after.


It is of up-most importance that each Blitz is played on the week given.  


If schools do not co-operate FULLY we will move on with our Under 11 Competitions without them.

I’d like to ask each school to co-operate FULLY with us on this issue.



I want to wish each and every school the very best of luck in the Blitzes.


I really hope the children enjoy the Blitzes, and have fun playing the games.


Remember that Under 11 Go Games should be about enjoyment and fun, as well as having a competitive element to them.


In my opinion the most important thing, at Under 11 level, is that the children continue to enjoy playing Gaelic Games, continue to develop the skills of the games, continue to improve their skill levels, and that they become better team players.


Kind regards to you, and all the staff in your school.



Aodan Wrenn.


Tipperary Allianz Cumann na mBunscol.


087-6578057 (m).

052-61-35400 (s).





Unknown user,
7 May 2013, 08:03
Unknown user,
7 May 2013, 08:03