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Minutes from 2013 Football AGM

posted 15 Sep 2013, 07:36 by Unknown user

Tipperary Allianz Cumann na mBunscol

Football Annual General Meeting 2013.

Thursday 12th September 2013, at 7.00pm.

Hayes’ Hotel Thurles.


Chairman Paddy Kelly welcomed everyone to the meeting, and thanked the delegates for their attendance.

The meeting began with Standing Orders. They were adopted. They were proposed by Conor Horan and seconded by Michael Delaney. The Minutes of last year’s AGM were presented to the meeting. Matters arising: Sean Hennessy, Ayle, asked if there was any progress in acquiring Semple Stadium to host County Football Finals. Jerry McDonnell, our County Board delegate, said he would continue to push for it at County Board level. Secretary Aodan Wrenn said that he will book Semple Stadium for the 2014 Football Finals within the next week or two to give the Semple Stadium Committee a year’s notice that we request the use of the pitch in mid October 2014. He said this might give us a chance of securing the pitch for Football Finals. Cumann na mBunscol were advised that this would be the best option for them. The Minutes were proposed by Michael Delaney and seconded by Labhaoise Cunningham.


Then the Secretary Aodan Wrenn presented his Secretary’s Report. He covered the vision he would have for Go Games going forward and how he would love to see even more young players playing for schools at Under 11 level. There were a few queries from the floor about Go Games and opinions were given about how we could improve the model we have. Some people questioned whether we should be keeping score in Go Games matches. Others felt that under 11 players are able to deal with competitive matches. The Chairman Paddy Kelly said we will dedicate a portion of the AGM in January to the future of Go Games and give delegates time to voice their opinions about how we should go forward with the concept.


Treasurer Jerry McDonnell went through his Treasurer’s Report. The finances of Tipperary Allianz Cumann na mBunscol were in good order and Jerry was confident that we would have a healthy balance at the end of the year. Jerry said we are in a good financial position. He re-iterated the importance of the 30 euro registration fee that all schools must pay at the beginning of the calendar year. He said 116 schools have registered this year but there are a few schools that have still to pay their registration fee. Overall Jerry was quite confident that going forward we will be in a good position financially.


Chairman Paddy Kelly then gave his Chairman’s Address.

In it he thanked:

All the teachers for their co-operation throughout the past 12 months.
The referees for their efforts and for ensuring our games get played.
The GDAs for helping us run our Go-Games programme at Under 11 level, and for all the assistance they gave us during the year.
Semple Stadium, for providing their Stadium for us on County Hurling and Camogie Finals day.
The County Board, Coiste na Mumhan, Croke Park and Allianz for their financial assistance.
Everyone who contributed to the bucket collection we held at Semple Stadium over the 2 days of our County Finals. The amount of money raised was great and it was nice to see so many people contribute.

Paddy finished by wishing all the schools the very best for the coming school year, and in the Cumann na mBunscol competitions.


The meeting proceeded to Gradings and Fixtures. It was decided that the Football Championships would begin on the week ending the 20th of September. ALL County Finals would be played by Thursday 24th of October.

The Secretary Aodan Wrenn went through each Division of the Under 13 Football Championship and Under 13 Ladies Football Championship. Delegates were informed about who was going up and who was going down from each Division. Some schools looked to be re-graded. Those schools in question were re-graded because they were the only school in that Division looking to go down a grade. In two cases a school wished to be re-graded along with another school from that Division. However in both cases one of the schools wasn’t present at the AGM. As per the rules of Tipperary Allianz Cumann na mBunscol the school who was present got re-graded in that situation. The only case in which two schools from the same Division wanted to be re-graded and both schools were present at the AGM was in the case of Under 13 Ladies Football Roinn B. Both Ardfinnan and St. Joseph’s Templemore wished to go down to Roinn C. Both schools presented their case to the meeting. Ardfinnan then said that they would be happy enough to stay in Roinn B for this year and asked that serious consideration be given to them next year to be re-graded. This was accepted by Chairman Paddy Kelly. He thanked Ardfinnan and their delegate Liam O’Sullivan for generouslyoffering to stay in their Division and allowing St. Joseph’s Templemore go down to Roinn C.


The delegates were informed that Under 11 boys and girls Go Games fixtures would be sent out within the next few weeks and that the Go Games blitzes would take place in early October.


Any Other Business.

Conor Horan, Kilvemnon asked could we have Boys Under 11 and Girls Under 11 Blitzes on separate weeks. Chairman Paddy Kelly said there shouldn’t be a problem with that unless any other delegate had a problem with it. No one else had a problem with that so it was decided to have the boys and girls blitzes on separate weeks.

Liam O’Sullivan, Ardfinnan, suggested that there should be a minimum amount of substitutes required to be brought to Go Games Blitzes. No teams should be allowed bring zero subs. Chairman Paddy Kelly agreed but said we will have to discuss that further at the AGM in January and make a decision.



Chairman Paddy Kelly then closed the meeting, and wished all the delegates a safe journey home.



Aodan Wrenn.


Tipperary Allianz Cumann na mBunscol.