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St. Colmcille's Edge Out Nenagh CBS

posted 2 May 2013, 13:39 by Unknown user   [ updated 2 May 2013, 13:49 ]

This is the match report from the Nenagh CBS v Templemore U’13 hurling match, played in Borrisoleigh on 22nd April,2013. The Match Report is a joint collaboration between Sean Phelan, Conor Hennessy, Dylan Murphy, Conor McMahon and Paul White-Ryan.

Everyone was hyped for this occasion as Nenagh never won a u13 match in 5 years. We came into school at 9:10 and the adrenaline was pumping. We couldn’t wait to get on the bus.  At 12:00 we heard Mr. Ryan say on the intercom “Please walk down to the bus quietly”. We got our gear and made our way down to the bus. We threw our stuff into the boot, and we hopped into our seats. We set off at once. We were very quiet on the way to Borrisoleigh, and that’s when we knew we were concentrating. We arrived in Borrisoleigh hurling field at about 12:30. The Nenagh coach gave a quick speech in the dressing rooms on what we had to do, called out the team; we put on our jerseys and went onto the field to warm up.

The team for Nenagh was Dylan M, Dylan A, Liam H, Conall R, Josh G, Barry C (capt), Brian C, Conor H, Seán P, Adam B, Gavin D, Dane R, Seth S, Stevie H, Cian G.

The ball was thrown in at 1:00 pm. Nenagh took the immediate advantage and tried to get a quick point at the start of the half but failed. From then on Templemore had the edge. Most of the ball was in the Nenagh half. But Nenagh gave away a soft free and the Templemore centre-forward wasn’t going to miss. During the half Barry Coffey accidentally pulled across Conor Hennessy’s wrist. The score at half time was 0-01 0-00 to Templemore. Jamie Cottrell was brought on for the injured Conor Hennessy by Seanie Brennan. Jamie Cottrell was midfield with Seán Phelan. So in the second half Templemore got three quick points off the back and poor Dylan Murphy could do nothing about it. But Nenagh struck back. Barry Coffey popped over two quick frees. Nenagh made some bad decisions like changing their free taker. What felt like last play Nenagh had one chance to score a goal to win the game but they didn’t have the bounce of the ball and Templemore came away victorious and the final score was 0-04 to 0-02. Nenagh were very disappointed after the match as they were playing favourites Thurles next in a do-or-die game in Scoil Áilbhe. So we set off back to Nenagh. The bus was deadly silent on the way back. There weren’t any people talking. Sir thanked us for making the journey over to play Templemore. We were back at 3:00, incredibly disappointed, but on the good side, we got no homework off Sir.