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Tipperary Allianz Cumann na mBunscol held their 2016 Annual General Meeting on Monday 29th of February 2016, in Hayes’s Hotel Thurles, at 7.30pm.

The Chairperson Paddy Kelly presided.


Paddy Kelly opened the meeting and welcomed everyone. He thanked all the delegates for making the journey to Thurles.


The Standing Orders were adopted. They were proposed by Labhaoise Cunningham and seconded by Michael Hayes.

The Minutes of the 2015 A.G.M. were presented to the delegates by Secretary Aodan Wrenn.

The 2015 A.G.M. Minutes were proposed by Labhaoise Cunningham and seconded by Dan Gallagher.


Secretary Aodan Wrenn proceeded to go through his Secretary’s Report for 2015.


Treasurer and Equipment Officer Jerry O’Donnell then went through his Treasurer’s Report. Jerry went through each item on the Financial Report sheet and explained every transaction carefully. His report was very thorough, as usual. The Treasurer’s Report was proposed by Dan Gallagher and seconded by Paudie Fahey.


P.R.O John Manley went through his P.R.O Report. It was very comprehensive and thorough.


John thanked:

·         Our Assistant P.R.O. Paudie Fahey; for looking after all the P.R. material for the Football competitions, and for his help last June in Semple Stadium with the writing of the match reports.

·         The regional newspapers and their editors, for giving us good exposure.

·         Tipp FM, for their support.

·         Allianz, for being a loyal sponsor, and for assisting us financially.

·         The County Board, for all their assistance.

·         Ed Donnelly, who has been very helpful.

·         Tipperary Yearbook Committee, for giving us excellent exposure again this year, in the Yearbook. They gave us a 13 page spread which was brilliant.

·         Everyone who follows us on Twitter.  We have nearly 1,200 followers now.

·         Andy Ryan, and the GDAs, for assistance on County Final Days, and throughout the year.


John said:

v  Our Twitter page now has 1,179 followers, which is very good.

v  Our website attracts 3,000 hits a year. He added that we need more news from the schools for our website.

v  The Allianz Cumann na mBunscol National Awards will take place again next year. He stated that Tipperary schools have done very well in it, over the years, and should enter it.

v  Schools should send in reports on all their matches.

John finished by thanking all the teachers for all their great work, and their co-operation, during 2015; and he wished everyone all the best for 2016.




In his Chairman’s Address Paddy Kelly covered the following points:

1.   He thanked the three Officers at the top table for their co-operation and good work throughout the year.

2.   He thanked the Primary Game Selectors, the GDAs, the Blitz Co-ordinators and all the teachers who gave up their free time to coach young players.

3.   He thanked Paddy Collins for his work as Tipperary Allianz Cumann na mBunscol Handball Co-ordinator.

4.   He thanked the County Board, Allianz, Munster Council, Coiste Naisiunta and Coiste na Mumhan for their generous financial assistance and overall support.

5.   He thanked the Semple Stadium Management Committee for continuing to make Semple Stadium available to us for our Allianz Cumann na mBunscol Hurling Finals.

6.   He thanked referees who refereed Tipperary Allianz Cumann na mBunscol matches, and caretakers of GAA pitches used by Tipperary Allianz Cumann na mBunscol.

7.   He re-iterated the importance of paying the 30 euro registration fee. Each school must pay the fee if they wish to participate in Allianz Cumann na mBunscol competitions this year.

8.   He thanked the teachers for their continued promotion of Gaelic Games in our Primary Schools.

9.   He thanked all the clubs who provide their pitches for us to use.

10.      He re-iterated the importance of the Equipment Scheme, ordering the equipment on time and collecting it on the night, in Scoil Ailbhe.

11.      He thanked everyone who contributed to the bucket collection at the County Finals, in Semple Stadium.

12.      Paddy spoke about Feile, which will take place this June in Tipperary and Waterford.  He said it’s very important for our County. There will be visits to schools by GAA figures and all schools who expressed an interest in receiving a visit, will be visited by someone high up in the GAA.

13.      Paddy finished his address by wishing all schools the very best for 2016.


Election of Officers

Charirman: Paddy Kelly.

Vice Chairman: Kieran Healy.

Secretary: Aodan Wrenn.

Treasurer/Equipment Officer: Jerry McDonnell.

P.R.O: John Manley.

Assistant P.R.O: Paudie Fahey.

·         These positions were taken en bloc. The above officers were proposed by Will Ryan and seconded by Joe Carmody.


The positions of delegates to various Committees were taken en bloc. They were proposed by Kevin Moran and seconded by Joe Carmody.

There was no one to fill the vacancy as delegate to the County Board Youth Committee. This position is to be filled, by the Officer Board, as soon as possible.

The Tipperary Allianz Cumann na mBunscol Committee members and the Coiste Gearan members were returned en bloc. They were proposed by Eamonn Riall and seconded by Shane O’Brien.


Primary Game Selectors:

·         Football: All standing. (Orry Ryan, Paudie Fahey, Shane O’Brien).

·         Ladies Football: Labhaoise Cunningham, Anne Marie Landers. Labhaoise is not standing. The Officer Board will fill her position, as soon as possible.

·         Hurling: Standing: Paddy Kelly, John Manley, Patrick Buckley.  Not standing: Conor Doyle. Nominated:  Joe Carmody. Therefore Joe Carmody is the new hurling selector.

·         Camogie: Michelle Skehan (standing). Michael Delaney did not stand. There was no one to take his place so that position is to be filled by the Officer Board, as soon as possible.


·         All Primary Game Selectors were taken en bloc. They were proposed by Will Ryan and seconded by Shane Hennessy.

Paddy Kelly sincerely thanked Labhaoise Cunningham, Conor Doyle and Michael Delaney for their work with the Primary Game this year. He thanked Labhaoise in particular for the 10 years of service she gave to the Primary Game.



There were two motions on the Clar, as per the AGM Booklet.

Both generated good discussion.


·         The wording of the first motion, from Scoil Eoin Naofa, was adjusted, after a good discussion. Therefore the new rule in Under 11 Go Games is that a minimum of 2 substitutes have to be brought on at half time, in EACH game. If 5 subs are brought to the game, at least 2 must come on at half time. The other 3 can come on in the first half, second half or don’t have to be brought on at all.


·         The second motion, from Cashel BNS, was carried. Again there was a very good discussion regarding this motion. The new ruling now states that at the end of all under 13 matches (excuding semi finals and finals if deemed appropriate) ten minutes of non-competitive action be played, to allow all players who have been brought to the game a chance to play. This can be called a 10 minutes fun game or skills game. Cashel BNS want it as a directive from Tipperary Allianz Cumann na mBunscol . The motion was carried and the ruling will come into effect from the start of the upcoming hurling/ camogie championships.


Re-Grading and Fixtures

The meeting proceeded to Re-Grading and Fixtures. The Secretary Aodan Wrenn went through each Division with the meeting, and informed the delegates who was going up and who was going down from each Division.


There were contested re-grading positions in:


·         Under 13 Roinn D Hurling. Drom and Templetuohy both sought to go down. The meeting discussed the issue. Both sides argued their case. In the end it was decided by the Chairman, and agreed with the meeting, that both would go down. This is because both their cases were similar and also Loughmore had asked to voluntarily be promoted from Roinn E to Roinn D and this meant that 2 teams came up, so 2 teams could go down, to balance it out.


·         Under 13 Roinn E Hurling. Ballytarsna and Clonmore both sought to go down to Roinn F. Both schools spoke and argued their case for re-grading. It appeared that Ballytarsna were in a weaker position to Clonmore, so Clonmore withdrew their appeal. The Officer Board informed them that they would be a priority for regarding next year.  Therefore Ballytarsna are regarded to Roinn F.



Any Other Business.






Chairman Paddy Kelly then closed the meeting, wishing everyone a safe journey home.



There will be a Primary School ladies football blitz in Moyle Rovers on Friday 10th June. Email has been sent to all schools with more information.


A registration fee of €30.00 is now due from all schools. This fee entitles schools to participate in all Cumann na mBunscol activities during 2016. Please note the fee covers your school’s activities for a calendar year. Please forward a cheque for €30.00 to our Treasurer Jerry McDonnell, 25 Ballingarrane, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary. This is a once off annual payment which will enable your school to participate in Tipperary Cumann na mBunscol activities in 2016.


If you or a colleague would like to be added to the contact list for updates on Tipperary Allianz Cumann na mBunscol activities please contact Tipperary Cumann na mBunscol PRO John Manley Dualla NS at or Aodán Wrenn,, to be added to the contact listings.


Schools are reminded and encouraged to send news and updates of their progress in the hurling championships for the coming season. Reports can be a great writing topic for the classroom and are an opportunity for children to see their work published for a wider audience. In the pre-season championship build-up children could be given the chance to tell about their own training regiments and tips for the coming championship. A Reporter of the Week will be chosen and their work included in the weekly report. Please ensure all reports are a single paragraph in Verdana 10 type. All submissions should be proof-read by the teacher before submission.


For any schools/teachers wishing to access Tipperary Cumann na mBunscol news and updates via Twitter, the Tipperary Cumann na mBunscol Twitter username is @TippCumanNamBun. The following link will enable you to follow us: We now have 1191 followers.


For match reports, fixtures and school G.A.A. News and events, please email Tipperary Cumann na mBunscol PRO John Manley Dualla NS at


Website: Ní neart go cur le chéile.